How to make a …

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How to make a shampoo at home…

The so-called “ecological shampoo” prepared with herbal ingredients and essential oils aromatizohen. But they can be very costly. Therefore the solution is to return to

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How to clean your face from the black spots

Stains on the face are a real concern for women especially in summer, when the sun of this period tends to stimulate further. Even at

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How to make the new …

  I found this video when i was asking something about face masks.Now i am very happy i found it.I shared it with you because

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Olive oil hair therapy…

Rich in protein, vitamins and fatty acids, super natural, egg yolk makes the hair smooth, slick and very healthy. At the same time, it helps

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Mask for strong hair

Masks for Dry & Damaged If you have dry hair and damaged, not fit well or are thin select one of these masks below and

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How to make an…

This is the best describing video that i will introduce to you in only 3 minutes.This mask is so natural and ingredients are found in

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Face mask…

Masks we face are no less important than the creams and products you buy and use for facial care. This mask that is now present

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How should we care for our hair?

How should we care for our hair? It costs us nothing to show little attention before they be more damage. This is a nourishing mask

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